Nonimmigrant Visas

Foreign nationals who wish to come in the United States on a temporary basis must first apply for a nonimmigrant visa. Eligibility and requirements for the various U.S. visas vary depending on the visa category.

Most nonimmigrant visas for temporary workers require a sponsoring U.S. employer (petitioner) and are generally employer-specific, which means that a foreign national can only work for the petitioning employer.


Professional Workers
E-1 Treaty Trader Employees & E-2 Treaty Investor Employees
E-3: Specialty Occupation for Australian Professionals
H-1B: Specialty Occupation for Professionals
H-1B1: Free-Trade Agreement Specialty Occupation for Chilean & Singaporean Professionals
I: Journalists
L-1A / L-1B: Intra-Company Transferees
TN: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Visas for Professionals from Canada & Mexico


Investors & Entrepreneurs
E-1 Treaty Traders & E-2 Treaty Investors


Athletes, Artists & Entertainers
O-1: Persons of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Motion Pictures, Television, Business, Education, Science or Athletics
O-2: Accompanying Alien or Essential Support Personnel
P-1: Internationally Recognized Athletes, Group Entertainers & Performers
P-3: Culturally Unique Artists, Entertainers & Performers


Religious Workers
R-1: Religious Workers


Interns & Trainees
H-3: Trainees
J-1: Interns and Trainees


International Students
F-1: Academic Students
J-1: Exchange Students
M-1: Vocational Students


Business Visiors & Tourists
B-1 / B-2: Visitors for Business or Pleasure
Visa Waiver Program