Automated Form I-94 Begins Today

Beginning today, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will start automating its arrival and departure process
and eliminating the paper Form I-94 Departure Record cards for air and sea travelers at select pilot air and sea ports-of-entry (complete implementation timeline is available here:

A paper Form I-94 will still be issued at land border ports-of-entry, as well as to certain classes of travelers, such as refugees, certain asylees and parolees, and whenever CBP determines the issuance of a paper form is appropriate. 

Upon arrival, the CBP officer will scan travelers' passports to capture biographic information and create an electronic record of their admission. The officer will also provide travelers with an admission stamp in their passports that is annotated with the following information:

 • Date of admission;
 • Class of admission, and
 • Date that the traveler is admitted until.  

Travelers will also receive a flier, instructing them to go to, where they can access and print their electronic Form I-94 admission record in paper format.

Furthermore, "[a]s evidence of lawful admission submitted with a benefit request, USCIS will accept the electronic Form I-94 in paper format obtained from CBP’s website ( This document is the equivalent of the paper versions of Form I-94 issued by CBP and USCIS. In lieu of submitting the electronic Form I-94 in paper format, USCIS will also accept photocopies of the passport pages that contain the individual’s biographical information, visa and admission stamp. These alternatives will allow applicants and petitioners more ways to provide proof of lawful U.S. entry in order to establish eligibility for certain USCIS benefits."

NOTE: As a practical matter, nonimmigrant visa holders in E, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, Q and R status should print out their I-94 admission record if planning to apply for a Social Security Number or driver's license, as well as for Form I-9 purposes.



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USCIS – CBP Begins Implementation of Form I-94 Automation
CBP Begins Implementation of Form I-94 Automation. Today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) started implementing the automated version of Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, at air and sea por…

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